Antenna Sites

If your business needs the placement and the altitude to meet your required range and specifications our towers just may be the solution.

We are continually looking to add rooftops or tower sites to our portfolio. We manage two of Palm Beach County’s premier antenna sites providing two-way radio coverage throughout Palm Beach County and into Broward County.

If you are looking to construct a WiMax, Wi-Fi, cell site or private two-way system look to Citation Communications to supply you with the sites you need to cover Palm Beach County. If we don’t have a location to fit your need please let us know and we will find one that fits in with your design.

WPTV 5 Lantana Tower Site

Latitude: 26-35-21.2
Longitude: 80-12-42.8
Tower Registration # 1220033

Platforms: 500’ 750’ 1,000’ Back-up power

Tiara Condo West Palm Beach Site

North Latitude: 26-47-10
West Longitude:80-02-05

410’ Roof top Back-up power